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Please Stop Trying To ‘Liberate’ Me

Living in the west has allowed me to accomplish personal goals I would never have accomplished living in Yemen.

This is not said begrudgingly and my allegiance...

Dunia Alshamiri Dunia Alshamiri
1 min read


Why Xbox Finally Overtook Playstation in The Middle East

Sony’s PlayStation has always held a special place in the Arab World since their release of the first console back in 1995. What no...

Nagy Muhammad Nagy Muhammad
1 min read

How Social Media Helped Then Destroyed The Arab Spring

When Egyptians first took to the streets in 2010 it was due to a shortage of bread. It was not, as many would have...

Raafat Alawi Raafat Alawi
1 min read

How to Chat with Arabs Without Causing Offense

The Arabic language is shared across the Middle East and spans parts of North and the South of Africa. Arabic’s sweep through so many...

Edward Michaelson Edward Michaelson
1 min read

Lifting the Saudi Driving Ban: Now Give us Somewhere…

Lack of jobs and venues for women means driving is pointless. Car keys in hand, but literally no place to go!

Like most Saudi women,...

Kaima Ali Kaima Ali
1 min read

I Became a Bedouin For a Healthier Body &…

It was during a winter trek to the Sahara that I first encountered a durizen tribe, still holding on to a way of life...

Janet Wilkinson Janet Wilkinson
2 min read

Top Five Arabic Phrases You Need To Learn

One of the most asked questions during my classes is from students who are unable to decide whether to master an Arabic dialect for...

Miriam Ridhwan Miriam Ridhwan
4 min read