دردشه عربيه مجانيه بدون تسجيل، تعرف على أصدقاء جدد

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اضغط هنا لدخول الدردشة

What is Arab Chat? Chat rooms to discuss and chat about the Arab world, Arab news and current events. Please do not  sexually harass other users or send explicit content.

How do I use Arab Chat? Choose a nickname, click on join and you will have entered the Arab Chat Room

Where am I? Arab chat rooms are hosted on a Dalnet IRC server

Do I need to register? No, but you can register a nickname here

Can I access the Arab chat on my phone? The chat room is mobile friendly using web browsers but can also be accessed using an IRC app. An android IRC app is available here and an IOS app is available here.

Who do I report abuse to? You can click on any nickname and choose ignore or you can type the following command in the chat window to ignore a disruptive user:

/ignore nickname

If the abuse continues join Dalnet’s #help chat room to report the user