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دردشه عربيه مجانيه بدون تسجيل، تعرف على أصدقاء

Kaima Ali Kaima Ali
40 sec read

In The Arab World Vapers Are The New Drug…

Electronic cigarettes (ecigs) are fairly new in the Arab world. Their main appeal is allowing smokers to get their nicotine hit while avoiding all...

Raafat Alawi Raafat Alawi
2 min read

Please Stop Trying To ‘Liberate’ Me

Living in the west has allowed me to accomplish personal goals I would never have accomplished living in Yemen.

This is not said...

Dunia Alshamiri Dunia Alshamiri
1 min read

Arabic Music Today is Becoming Samey

Arabic music today is becoming ‘samey’. What do I mean by samey?

There has always been a distinction between Masry (Egptian), Khaleeji (Gulf), Algerian and...

Mohsen Nasser Mohsen Nasser
1 min read

How Lebanese Food Took Over London

London has always been an exciting place to experience food from around the world.

In the distance it takes you to walk from one...

Zahid Khan Zahid Khan
1 min read

Video Games Can Replace Khat Chewing in Yemen

Khat is a green narcotic leaf chewed by most Yemenis in Yemen. As a Yemeni woman growing up I was always taken aback by...

Huda Mansur Huda Mansur
2 min read

Netflix & The Future of Arab Cinema

An expanding Arabic library on Netflix has increased Middle Eastern subscriptions

With no geographical restrictions, a fairly attainable bandwidth requirement of 2mbs and Arabic subtitles...

Mustafa Alguneed Mustafa Alguneed
1 min read

How to Chat with Arabs Without Causing Offense

The Arabic language is shared across the Middle East and spans parts of North and the South of Africa. Arabic’s sweep through so many...

Edward Michaelson Edward Michaelson
1 min read

Lifting the Saudi Driving Ban: Now Give us Somewhere…

Lack of jobs and venues for women means driving is pointless. Car keys in hand, but literally no place to go!

Like most Saudi women,...

Kaima Ali Kaima Ali
1 min read

I Became a Bedouin For a Healthier Body &…

It was during a winter trek to the Sahara that I first encountered a durizen tribe, still holding on to a way of life...

Janet Wilkinson Janet Wilkinson
2 min read