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Syria: Life After ISIS

Why is Bashar al-Assad still in power? Now that US weapons won't fall into the hands of ISIS why does Trump still refuse to arm the rebels? 

What did the Arab spring deliver apart from destruction and chaos (see Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya). Do Arabs fare better under dictatorships?

خل بشار والقضافي يشفعونلك يوم القيامه

You are looking at it from someone who is like looking at something from outside a box. If you are living somewhere in america or europe you will think that they only need dictators to keep them in control but have you ever lived were your internet is cut and your moving from place to place is under cameras? Trust me living without freedom is 1000 times more worse than living in peace and told when to talk and what to say. 

(05-17-2019, 09:08 PM)احمد Wrote:  خل بشار والقضافي يشفعونلك يوم القيامه

Heart  هذه والخلاصة بلا فلسفه زياده وخرابيط ما عرفنا غير التكاليف وجاي يقولي كنا على خير هاهاها

What good is peace and security if you're in shackles?

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Are you proposing we allow evil men to rule us because it's "easier"? What kind of defeatist mentality is this? What if slaves in America were content with their status because rising up against their master was too dangerous and could destabilize their communities? 

The killings and destruction in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are occurring because of a power struggle. Remember these countries were under tyranny for decades. Even the French revolution took a decade. Did you really expect for Arab leaders to be deposed and the next day peace, stability, security and government departments to resume as normal?
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